Downtown Kids Therapy is a key part of our family, and they have been incredibly helpful with both of our boys (we’ve seen major improvements in all areas of development!). They truly care about the success of children, and go above and beyond to make sure each child is set up for success. Their facilities are brand new with the most modern therapy tools, and my boys truly look forward to each session–they always welcome us with an energetic spirit and smile. Their warmth, care, focus, and skills are truly astounding. I can’t say enough great things about Downtown Kids Therapy! - EL


My family has been going to DKT for PT and speech for almost a year. The progress my son has made is overwhelming. He truly enjoys going to his "classes" every week because Korri and Amanda are so joyful, warm and welcoming. Tackling speech and physical delays is difficult work for a toddler, so all of his lessons are disguised as fun games and challenges which he loves to participate in. What I value the most is Korri and Amanda's watchful eyes - they were able to alert me to an issue even his pediatrician hadn't noticed and we nipped it in the bud before it got worse. Thanks to them, we are looking forward to a fun summer and successful school year this Fall!! - CW

We are so grateful for Korri! All three of our six-year-old triplets adored her. After every set of sessions (three 45-minute sessions back-to-back, without an iota of flagging energy on Korri's part), the kids would happily describe the serious work as "games," and were always eager to see her again next time. Korri's expertise and warmth—as well as her overall reliability, and the fact that she is so pleasant and direct to deal with—were a great gift to our family. - LK


We are beyond grateful for the time, care, and support Amanda has provided with our twin girls. Born with torticollis, they require twice weekly physical therapy. Amanda plans each session to include engaging and exciting activities inclusive of the stretches and movements both girls need. She is warm, patient, and above all caring. She provides hands-on instruction to the parents, so they are part of the integrated approach to care. Amanda is a talented physical therapist who we highly recommend. - BM

We came to Nilo scared, frustrated, sad, and out of options because our son couldn’t even sit up unsupported at his first birthday. He couldn’t crawl, lift his head during belly time... none of it. She immediately assured us he would be fine and fully functional once he turned five but only IF we put in “the work”. She was positive, hopeful and always set a clear goal for each session. She was always prepared to work and teach! We love her and owe her everything we have. My son still has a long journey ahead but now he is approaching 4 and is climbing, running and playing like all the other kids his age. She is a saint and we thank god every day we had the gift of working with her! - SZ


We were so fortunate to meet Sara and cannot thank her enough for the help she gave our family. Before Sara, there was so much we didn’t understand about our son Jack. However, after a few sessions, Sara provided us with a report that accurately described our son and his challenges that even we hadn’t been able to express. She really understood him. Sara then gave us a practical plan to follow at home and almost overnight life got so much easier for our family. Sara is knowledgeable, kind and patient. Our son had separation issues but Sara’s warm and engaging manner disarmed him immediately. Her sessions with him were carefully considered to meet his interests and his challenges. Sara goes above and beyond in so many ways, helping with challenges outside of therapy and always being available to offer advice and a kind work. Any child and parent would be so lucky to work with Sara. - ED

Amanda is an excellent physical therapist. She is conscientious, creative, generous with her time, and so gentle and kind with children! Our child took to Amanda almost immediately and she was great at encouraging him to perform the exercises to get stronger. We saw progress almost from session to session. Our child loved working with Amanda, it was like extra play time! It was remarkable how quickly our child improved with Amanda’s guidance. We were so grateful to Amanda for all her help! - TG


To say we are thankful for Sara, who worked with our daughter for a year for occupational therapy, is a huge understatement.  In the year that our daughter worked with Sara, she helped her transform from a baby with swollen joints and a limited attention span to a focused, happy and confident child. It is obvious she enjoys her work, loves her little friends and has a real gift for connecting with them to get the most benefit from each session. We cannot thank her enough for her patience and positive attitude she showed towards all of us. Sara always would spend time with me at the end of each session on how to continue different methods/activities at home, which we feel has truly helped in our daughter’s continued goals. I whole-heartily recommend Sara and my daughter does too! - AK

Korri is a wonderful warm and lovely speech therapist who truly helped improve our sons language acquisition. She was always sure to keep me abreast of what happened in sessions as well as what we could work on at home. He loved her so much that we couldn’t even walk past her office without him crying for her ... she’s a rare gem with a huge heart. - KB


My son has low tone in his trunk and intermittent postural instability.  When he began with Nilo, around age 2, he was unable to jump or climb stairs independently. He would often lose his balance. Through a careful, methodical and play based approach, Nilo addressed these issues and helped my son increase his strength and independence. Nilo’s very caring nature and warm smile captivated Miles.  In just a few weeks, we saw a marked improvement in not only his abilities, but in his self confidence as well. He looked forward to seeing Nilo weekly because she was engaging and fun. Nilo always kept me well informed about my son’s progress and she answered questions promptly and thoroughly. She also provided us with exercises to do at home. Nilo is a talented therapist and truly a pleasure to work with. We are grateful to have found Nilo and attribute much of our son’s progress to her dedication and care. - DM